Monday, June 8, 2015

One God, One Creator, Period!

Jesus was (because He walked the Earth physically 2000 years ago) and is (because He is alive right now as you read this) a man, but He is not just a man. He was and is also God Himself who became flesh (John 1). He is not “A” God, but the One and only God. We are to learn from Him and to be like Him (Christ like), but we will never be Him because we are not God and never will be God. (Colossians 2:9 For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily)

The Holy Spirit is God, He is the deepest and most sensitive part of God. The Holy Spirit is not just a comforting thought or a feeling of God, but He is the Spiritual presence of God Himself. Rejection of this Spirit is the only unforgivable sin. Even the blood of Jesus does not cover this sin. If you reject the Spirit of God, you reject all that God is about, including His willful and loving sacrifice for man, and you have set your own mind and spirit against Him.

The Father God that is mentioned by Jesus is the head of all actions, rules, regulations, and love. God followed His own rules in the flesh and still does in the spirit. He does this out of His love for man. The number one command initially written by the finger of God Himself and given to Moses was (Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods before Me.). Jesus echoed that command in greater detail… (Mark 12:30 AND YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, WITH ALL YOUR MIND, AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH.) The Holy Spirit and Jesus continue to guide us to obey this. If we worship any god other than Him, we are in sin and in violation of His most Holy command!

So there is one God, one Creator, one King, and one Father. Our God is One, The Messiah is His body, the Father is His soul, and the Holy Spirit His Spirit. The name Elohim is plural and inclusive to all three parts of God. Body, soul, and spirit. (Romans 8:9-11 But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His. And if Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.) I feel the need to write this because we can only worship and praise One God if we are His. If you do not desire to be His, that is 100% for you to choose. It is my responsibility as one of many who believe to tell you that separating yourself from Him—though permissible—is the worst choice a human can make in their lifetime. Choose Him, His ways, and give your life to Him. Sometimes it is hard, but it is always better!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Alexis Marie DeWitt

Alexis Marie DeWitt
Our baby girl was a gift to her parents, Haley and Randy, who showed up right on time on December 19, 1997. It was the last time she was ever on time for something! I nicknamed her “Angel” because that’s exactly what she was to me, perfect, pink, and goofy from the start. She didn’t love sleeping as much then as she did later in life, so her dad would hold her on his chest in the recliner all night long. She always was and always will be his “baby girl”. From the time God gave her to us, she had love poured into her world, and she never seemed to hold back pouring it right back out. The Lord loved her and trusted her to a long line of people who wanted that girl to have blessings and a deep relationship with Jesus Christ above everything else. She was deeply loved by her Grammy and Poppy, Granny Goose and grandpa Jim, Nana and Papa Jack, grandparents DeWitt, Warren, Brock, Ringdahl, grandma Linda, her Papa Pete, Uncle Mac (creator of the “Lexi Loober” nickname),  Gary, Melody, Billy and Wendie, Naunie, and a long line of doting aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who doted on “LexiLoo” her entire life.
Lexi began her relationship with Jesus when she was a little girl, going to church with her dad to hear Pastor Cliff, but didn’t really know then how important she really was to Him and how many more gifts He had for her, and how many He would have her deliver. God gave her to two young parents who immersed themselves in making her smile and giving her all she needed. We both did our very best for her and tried to teach her how to love others the way we love her. We were not all God had for her… When she was 5 years old, the Lord gifted her with the person she loved more than almost anyone on earth, her sister, Faith. For the rest of her life, Lexi would fight with, torment, cuddle, dress up, adore, and encourage her “baby girl” sister. Lexi’s biggest desire for Faith was to love the Lord and know that Lexi was and always will be her biggest fan.
Next up in Lexi’s life was the addition of another father. This was a big adjustment for all of us, but one that would deeply impact her life in a huge way. Kelly spent his time with her teaching her to kayak, letting her paint his nails, encouraging her, loving her, protecting her, and trying to teach that stubborn girl how to throw. More importantly, he helped me teach her that no matter what happens in life, Jesus Christ is the only one who matters. Through this relationship and the awesome adventures we all had, Lexi learned that Jesus Christ is alive, He is real, and He is faithful. She also came to meet the Holy Spirit and let Him work in her life as well. Three fathers blessed to one child – our Father in Heaven, Randy DeWitt, and Kelly Halleman.
There were more blessings to come, more people to love. When Kristy came into her life to marry her dad, Lexi gained another mom and suddenly became the big sister to a whole new crew. As with anything new, everybody took a little time getting adjusted, but Lexi knew right away that these were her brothers and her new sister, HERS. Through a little sibling strife and learning about each other, Lexi developed a deep love for all three of “the kids” and knew God had placed a responsibility on her to lead them on their own paths toward Christ. She did not take this lightly, and though she sometimes came up short (as we all do!), her heart was always for them to know that Jesus died for them and that the Holy Ghost is real, a counselor and guide to always look to.
Let me tell you a little more about my baby girl. First of all, it is impossible to fit a huge personality and vibrant life of such a girl into a page or two, but I’ll share a little.…when she was little, she loved to laugh, loved riding horses (they never went fast enough for her!), painting, silly songs, playing with Poppy’s “musblash”, fishing with her dad, making up plays with Faith to entertain him, and making messes. Oh, and sugar. That love started early. She wanted me to cuddle with her, lay with her, sing her lullabies and tuck her in every night. She would tell me “mom even when I grow up and get married, you have to come tuck me in.” (She changed her mind in high school, however!) She knew Jesus loved her and she wanted to know him; every week she looked forward to sitting with her dad and her sister, hearing what Pastor Cliff had to say about Jesus.
As a “big kid”, she was an energetic, chatty, goofy girl whose first words to me when I woke her up were usually “mom, I had this dream…”. God gave her the most amazing dreams, with such vibrant detail, guiding her through the trials of life and into her calling as a leader and a friend. Everyone who knew her knew that her stories and dreams were all about detail, there was NEVER too much detail! She made her friends catch snakes with her, bring her candy, and dare them to be as crazy as she was. Her favorite trip she ever took was with her dad to Mexico to honor the Lord and win souls for Christ. Then there was Grammy’s house, the best place she ever found to bake “concoctions” and take a bath towering with bubbles and soak for hours. Most of all, she wanted everyone around her to smile and laugh. “Mom, you’re TOO serious…let’s paint our nails.”
When she started to look and speak like the beautiful young woman she ultimately became, she never abandoned her childlike love of playing…from simple games to her unbelievable talent on the guitar, she was gifted. Her love for God deepened, and though she struggled at times to stay the course, she trusted Him, loved Him, and tried to share His love with all she knew. She was the girl who wanted to be everything to her little sisters, teach them how to do their hair and makeup and that how no matter who hurt them, that Jesus would always love them. She loved riding horses with Grammy and John, laughing herself to tears with Karastyn, wrestling with and teasing all her crazy brothers, Tyler, Trevor, Jaeden and Brandon, playing basketball with John, giving sass to Coach Jeff, ACTUALLY practicing guitar for Bill’s lessons, and there isn’t enough space on this page to list the friends she loved to laugh with, you know who you are. She dreamed of going back with us to Hawaii, going fishing with her dad again, going to Mexico on a mission for Christ with her family, getting married, being a wife and mommy, teaching math, and most importantly, sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ with every one she met. Lately the Holy Spirit had even begun stirring her up to consider becoming a missionary. God loves that girl, our “big hitter”.
Lexi is preceded in death by her Nana Ruth McDonald, her Poppy Randy McDonald, and her favorite pastor, Cliff Williams, who all gave their lives to Jesus and hold Lexi now in heaven. She is survived by her mom and dad, Haley and Kelly Halleman, her dad and mom Randy and Kristy DeWitt, her sisters, Faith and Katie, brothers Trevor, Tyler, Brandon and Jaeden, her Grammy Kathy McDonald and John Nebeker, “Uncle Mac” Matthew McDonald, cousins Karastyn, Teyah, and Sayler, Papa Jack McDonald, Grandpa and Granny Goss, Linda Brock, Gene and Linda DeWitt, Gary Halleman and Melody RIngdahl. Also her uncle Billie Scroggins and Aunt Wendie, Bryson, Nate, Irene, and Chase, Matt, Jacque, Mackenzie and Emery Halleman, Grandpa and Grandma Warren, her uncles Mitch Snyder and Adam Brock, Hannah Ballard, cousins Naunie and Kieran, Nampa and Parma Fire Departments, and a long line of others who love her that couldn’t begin to fit on this page. Special thanks to all her best friends, Robert, Emma, Scott, Regan, Kylee, Hanna, Mady, Koda, Ashley, Sophie, Heidi, Harlie, and every sweet child who embraced our little girl while she walked among us, there aren’t words….
Lexi’s Bible had so many verses underlined, and more markers than I could count…I could share them all with you but the truth is that the Lord already has. Let this be a victory for the Lord Jesus Christ, fall on your knees at the foot of the cross…Lexi was all about challenges, so here’s yours. Speak to Jesus, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the love of the Lord to you, and I challenge you to find your own verses…

Lastly, to our sweet and sassy punkin, sweet pea, monkey, Loober, Maynard, Hollywood, Lu, baby girl…. I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be. We all love you from the earth to the moon around the stars and back to my heart, kiddo…We’ll see you again someday, shining as GOLD with Jesus in Heaven. I know you’ll make him laugh…

Isaiah 55:9 – “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts….”
1 Chronicles 16:34-35 – “Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever….”

Friday, February 27, 2015


 A satan is an adversary or accuser, Ha-Satan is The Adversary or The Accuser. (Ezekiel 28:12-19)
There are many satan’s and one Ha-Satan, just like there are many anti-Christ’s, but only one Anti-Christ. See in the Book of Revelation the “unholy trinity” of The Anti-Christ, Ha-Satan, the Beast, and their False Prophet. These three are all mentioned separately and distinctly as they will all be thrown in to the Lake of Fire alive, beginning with the Beast and the False Prophet, and followed by the Devil, also known as the Dragon. (Revelation 20:2-10)

The satan’s have been empowered by man to maximize the authority for which they have been given by God here on the Earth. Too much credit is given to the satan’s for the evil that takes place in this world and not enough recognition to those of us who choose to follow the temptations of the satan’s instead of the Holy Spirit of God. (Ephesians 6:12)

We are all created beings, created by the hands of our God. Is there anything that our God has created that He is not in complete control of? It there anything alive or otherwise that does not need His permission to act? The satan’s are tools, with Ha-Satan being the lead tool used by God to sharpen His children. If the blade of a sword had the ability to feel, would it cry out in pain each time its edges met the sharpening stone to make it ready for battle? Or would it be an honor to be sharp enough to kill with one clean blow? (Hebrews 4:12) If a tree was able to communicate would it beg for mercy each year as it was pruned to produce more fruit? Or would it be too great of honor to produce more fruit for the King of Glory? (John 15:1-6) Who am I to doubt the plan of God, and who am I to be angry when I am being pruned or sharpened? (Hebrews 12:3-11) God is in control of every detail, and our responsibility is to Him and Him alone!





Sunday, November 9, 2014

I am a Christian!

1)      First and foremost my allegiance and love lies with Jesus the Messiah who was/is a Jew from the Tribe of Judah the Son of Israel!

2)      Following the number one command of God that I love the Lord God with all my strength, all my power, with everything that I have is my goal in life seven days a week 365 days a year until I die, and then for eternity.

3)      The Laws of God are still His expectations, and His salvation through grace and mercy are the only chance I have to strive to attain the perfection He requests of me.

4)      I love Jesus more than my wife, more than my family, and especially more than myself!

5)      His attributes are to begin to show through me in my own life as I learn to be an ambassador to the Kingdom of Heaven.

6)      I am a tree that must produce fruit to feed whomever God asks me to feed, and when He comes along looking for fruit I better have some to give Him.

7)      I am not forced, but asked to love Him.

8)      I am not forced, but asked to obey Him.

9)      I am accountable to Him and only to Him.

10)   I do not have a God that controls me, though He has every right to do so. But I have a God that allows me freedom to choose what I desire. I desire more of Him! I desire less of this world! That is not always apparent by my actions but I am trying very hard.

11)   The Bible is true, and this Bible is the written Word of God spoken to multiple authors over a few thousand years. That same spoken Word of God is delivered to Gods people today in similar fashion.

12)   Dreams, Visions, Tongues, Scriptures, and Testimonies are just a few of the methods God uses to speak to His children.

13)   There are two options. 1) Believe, serve, and obey the King of Kings, the Creator of ALL things, Jesus the Messiah… follow His ways and His desires and become more like Him every day… or 2) Be a slave to the prince of this world follow his ways and his desires and become more like him every day, his name is Lucifer or Satan. Eternity will be spent with the master you choose!

I am a Christian! That does not make me a better person, more loved by God, or smarter than anyone else. It takes me from the ownership of Satan and places me on the side of God, voluntarily submitted and purchased back by Him. It provides me the power to overcome the ruler of this world, but by no means guarantees me a smooth happy peaceful life. It does guarantee that God will provide comfort, strength, and wisdom in all situations if you trust Him and seek Him. He will discipline you, He will love you, and He will teach you.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Why do you believe what you believe?

Why do you believe what you believe?

I don’t hide it, I believe that Jesus is God and that the Bible is accurate and correct in all things including science, history, philosophy, psychology, and whatever else you want to discuss in it. I was NOT raised believing this and did not believe in any of it until my mid-twenties when God showed me some things that led me to Him. From that point on, through some ups and downs of running away from God and then running back too Him, I have believed the things that He continuously teaches me. I know what I believe because He has revealed things to me supernaturally, scientifically, historically, and in many other ways. I spend time studying and searching the WHY WHY WHY of everything I believe and for the most part He shows me.

So my question is why do you believe what you believe? It does not matter if we agree on the things we believe, though I would be lying if I suggested that I am not trying to proselytize in my discussion. I want all people to believe and submit themselves to Jesus Christ. I want all people to love Him and embrace His teaching. Period! He never forced me to believe in Him, so I have no right to force others to believe in Him either.

Back to my question…why do you believe what you believe? Do you believe that we as a human species are thousands of years old or millions of years old? If you believe in evolution and that we come from common simple ancestors that formed from something science can’t recreate so be it, but why do you believe that, and what does that mean to you now? Do you believe it because some professor somewhere had a convincing argument? I believe that God holds us to account for our morality and has written what that morality entails. If there is no God then morality is determined by the strong. That is how nature works in the evolutionary process… Survival of the “fittest”… There are many arguments that are brought up about the determination of morality but it always must end up at an origin. That origin is clear in Christianity and very muddy in any other form of beginnings.

Why do you believe what you believe? Maybe you claim to be a Christian now! That is great! Why are you a Christian? Is it because some pastor had a really convincing argument? “Well I said a prayer and asked Jesus in to my heart and confessed it before the congregation when I was ## years old.” or “I go to church every Sunday and most Wednesdays, I even volunteer my time on a regular basis” Those are all good things but neither of them make you a Christian. Keith Green once stated that “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to McDonalds makes you a hamburger.” I agree with him. So are you a Christian? What does that mean and why? That confession discussed in Romans 10 stating… confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord… is a correct statement but it is a constant confession of faith and not just a onetime deal! Do you celebrate Christmas? How about Easter? Have you ever thought about why you celebrate them? “Sure, it’s the birth of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus, everybody knows that.” Really? Have you ever sought out the origins of either of them? Do you really know what you are celebrating? Don’t tell me that it means “blah blah blah to me regardless of what its origins are.” It’s origins are pagan and fully Satanic. Easter is a mistranslation in the King James Bible over the holiday of Passover. Passover is a High Holiday and nowhere have I seen God tell us to stop celebrating it. You could very much include the resurrection of Jesus in there since He is the Passover Lamb. Christmas on the other hand, has no Christian foundation whatsoever and its traditional celebratory items are nowhere in scripture. I suggest to all you Christians, know why you believe what you believe and don’t hang your hat on the hope that your pastor, teacher, friend or that Kelly who is writing this is correct! Seek God Himself, and the scriptures for yourself, and KNOW if God endorses it.

Why do you believe what you believe? I tend to have more libertarian political views. God gives freedom so why shouldn’t we. I believe that the only perfect society would be the ONE that God Himself reigns over as King. Since the majority of the earth doesn’t actually believe in Him I think the next best is a republic with libertarian views, and of course Christian rules. This is one where the people run the government, and those working for the government are paid to serve the people. I believe that God hates murder and yet permits those who murder to make the choice to do so with consequences for their actions. I believe Jesus when He states that murder is committed in your heart as soon as you hate your brother. The death of a fetus in a womb is murder and God hates it, yet He loves not only the baby, but the mother who is following through with the abortion of its life. The penalty of sin is death, and murder is sin, but the mercy of God is greater than sin and He can and will heal the broken mother, but some consequences will always remain. I believe that homosexual relationships are sin and yet God allows people to make their choice and is willing that they come to Him for healing and help, because He loves them! There is one common issue that NO ONE has been able to clearly and satisfactorily answer for me in any political limelight, neither the Democrats, Republicans, Independants, Libertarians, or Constitutionalists and it is important considering my topic of “why do you believe what you believe?” Who, how, and by what means do we determine what is good and what is not? The motto of the libertarians is to live like you want, as long as it doesn’t harm others? I agree to an extent, but how is it determined? What is, or is not, harmful to others? There are a million stories to use here so I won’t use any…If you answer the question, you know I will ask you why?

I know people who believe that it is against their faith in God to seek medical help. I know people who believe that it is stupid to believe in a God, and the thought that another would not trust the medical profession is insane to them. I read of a man who believes that touching children in a sexual fashion is ok if the child approves and likes it. This man actually wrote a book called How to be a Pedophile and has a following of people who believe similarly. There is a man who wants to marry his German Shepard. Where do we draw the line and who determines where that line is drawn? Why is it ok in the minds of some to have a same sex spouse but evil to have multiple consenting spouses? How about less intense things like Government mandated helmet usage on a motorcycle, or Government mandated immunizations? How much force should the government use to protect us from ourselves and how much should it use to protect others from the bad elements in our population? How about medical assisted suicide or the “morning after” abortion pills? I include these questions because they all stem from belief systems. So…Why do YOU believe what you believe?


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Everybody is Religious.

Religion: an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group, also a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.

Everybody lives their life by a set of “beliefs”. Their decisions are filtered through what they determine to be good, bad, acceptable, and not acceptable. They choose values and morality based off of what they believe to be the correct or most correct way they know. It is impossible to avoid this! From those who claim Atheism, Agnosticism, Islam, Wicca, Christianity or hundreds of others have a belief that governs their thoughts, emotions, and desires. Each one also claims to be the most correct, if it didn’t it would be a stupid choice to follow it! The Hindi’s are working their way up the chain of enlightenment, the Wiccans are giving themselves over to the powers of nature, and the Atheists to science and modern thought. I am Christian and I believe that Jesus, a Jew, created the Earth and everything in it and He asks His followers to give their lives fully in obedience to Him and His rules.

For once I am writing something to make a statement and nothing more. I want people to understand that we all believe in something and that belief governs our thoughts, emotions, and desires here on Earth during our lives. The Atheist may say, I have science to back me and it is NOT a religion. I beg to differ…some of your science is faith based. When the scientific method is followed, something must be reproducible every time to be called a fact. Two + Two = Four can be reproduced and shown over and over without a doubt. It is a fact. Millions of years of evolutionary history is a great theory with some scientific possibilities but absolutely has not been proven to be fact. I won’t just pick on the atheist, I cannot prove to you the existence of God, based extensively on the scientific method either, but I believe in Him from the proofs He has personally given me. Please understand I was raised to believe in evolution and theoretical origins of life and creation. This is not designed to be a fight on which belief system is the most correct and which is the most ridiculous. Some of the most innovative and advanced cultures in ancient history believed that they must sacrifice their babies to fire to keep the gods happy. These people were more technically advanced than we are now if you consider their mathematics, architectural abilities, and astronomy. I am speaking of the Mayans, and Egyptians, to name two of the most widely known.

What is it that governs your personal beliefs? What is fact and what is faith? Why do you believe that your way of thinking is correct? I don’t need you to answer me, do yourself a favor and know the answer though.